Your ICF Specialists

Elite Building Group specializes in the building of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) structures. Our many years of experience in all sectors of the construction industry (institutional, commercial, industrial, residential, building restoration and retrofit) have provided us with the first hand knowledge of typical construction processes including their benefits and shortcomings. This knowledge and experience combined with our continuing research into various construction products and methods are the primary reasons for our decision to specialize in ICF.

Regardless of the structure our clients may be considering to construct, we wanted to offer them a superior product. As ICF can be used in all sectors of the construction industry with their benefits such as design flexibility, safety, durability, energy efficiency, superior indoor air quality and increased soundproofing being realized by our clients, we believe we are accomplishing this. Our completion of numerous ICF buildings enables us to assist in all levels of the building process for ICF structures from design up to installation, including technical support if required.

Our field staff is trained and certified allowing them to complete projects regardless of the type of ICF used.